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Cotopaxi, CO 81223
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Jan Evans writes case studies, success stories and white papers for business to business marketing purposes. With journalistic experience from national magazines to weekly newspapers, she can turn your clients’ experiences into stories that your prospects will read and understand.

Since 1978, Jan has been in the sign business with her husband, K.C., a sign artist. The years of servicing businesses has brought a strong understanding that attention to detail, doing the necessary research to fulfill the clients’ needs, adherence to deadlines and integrity are the cornerstones of successful business.

When Jan got serious about writing, she wrote several unpublished stories as she studied the craft of writing fiction. She turned to journalism when her first query to a national magazine was accepted in 1999. She discovered copywriting in 2001 and learned about the psychology of buying and emotional triggers.

The key to successful marketing and sales communication is understanding your prospects’ pain and motivation for securing your services. Jan will take the time to understand the benefits you provide, and the problems you solve in order to create thoughtful and effective case studies and success stories.

Currently she combines the best of creative non-fiction with the salesmanship of direct response writing to produce clear, concise and compelling stories that showcase your clients’ successful experiences with your organization.